The Brad Bodnarchuk Podcast

Inner Fitness w/ Cam MacDougall

February 17, 2021

Hey happy people!

Brad here with a brand new podcast episode and this week it’s my pleasure to bring you the conversation I has with Cam MacDougall of InBodyFit.


Cam and I have known each of for a number of years and I feel lucky to call him a friend. Watching Cam’s growth in the last few years has been inspiring and encouraging, and we cover a lot of that today.


We also unpack a topic that I am super intrigued by which is our inner relationship with ourselves.


Cam shares his life story that has seen him go from a life of trouble to a reality of control. Cam works daily to create his vision for his life into a reality and is now sharing that process with his clients and inner circle through Inbody Fit.

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