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Celebrate Your Wins Today & Keep Going!

Celebrate Your Wins Today & Keep Going!

June 3, 2021

I am so grateful to be surrounded (virtually at the moment #covid) by some truly inspiring and caring humans. 

Yesterday I was gifted a lesson from a friend of mine that I decided to share with you all on my latest podcast.

The idea is simple.

Are you living your ULTIMATE VISION right now? Is your life firing on ALL cylinders? 

No? Well that is 100% o.k.

Why? Because if we take a practical look at your life, all aspects of it, I would imagine that you are further ahead than you were last year or maybe even last month.

We can get so caught up on the big sexy goals and get frustrated or demotivated when we don't hit those goals NOW. The key is seeing the forest for the trees. Look at the micro-gains that you've made, celebrate the new mindset, bathe in the powerful processes you've been committed to each and every day. These are the things that WILL get you to your ultimate goal and these items deserve just as much recognition and celebration. 

Find a way to add up the wins, the big and the small and watch what it does for your energy, focus, and commitment towards those big sexy goals.

Keep going.  

If your goals don’t make others laugh…

If your goals don’t make others laugh…

May 26, 2021

Then they aren't big enough.

When it comes to setting goals (life/business/body/relationships etc.) I encourage you to dream BIG. I encourage you to dream so big that it makes other people laugh, or even feel uncomfortable. 

On this weeks episode I share a personal story about how I find myself allowing for the "crab in a bucket scenario" to play out in my life. I share how important it is to stick to your goals and don't allow another persons ideas about what your goals should be or look like determine anything that you do. 

We are bombarded by information and opinions from others around us each and every day. I encourage you to be stingy on whose opinions you take on and allow to shift your own visions, goals and desires.

Set big goals.

Turn off all of the noise around you.

Then put your head down and do the work & let nothing stop you.

39 Years Old In My Garage

39 Years Old In My Garage

May 19, 2021

Goals, Dreams and Visions.


As I embark on my final year in my 30's I share a bit of my mindset that I look to implement to ensure I give myself the best chance to hit all of my targets. 


I actually love getting older now and I embrace all of the learning that comes along with it.


Thank you to all of you that sent across a birthday message yesterday, it meant a lot. And here's to all of you who are setting goals and working towards them each and every day!

Unmasked Potential Update: Increased Awareness

Unmasked Potential Update: Increased Awareness

May 12, 2021

After 3 weeks off of the podcast due to a shift in priorities and focus I am back with an episode from... our truck.

Here's to getting IT done... whatever "IT" is for you.

I appreciate you all.


Keep going. 

Unmasked Potential

Unmasked Potential

April 14, 2021
1. expose the true character of or hidden truth about.
Perhaps this weeks episode will resonate with you more than others. Perhaps you're somewhat like me and feel like you have more to give in every single way. 
Do you feel like at times you are just standing in your own way of whatever greatness you were put here to discover/uncover/share/explore?
Well I feel that way to the marrow of my bones. I feel like I have so much more to give and therefore so much more to experience in this lifetime. 
I'm committing to doing whatever I can to uncover more of my potential and express it in the most honest and raw way that I know how. I will be taking on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges to help me break through my current barriers that I have built for myself. I am motivated for doing this for many reasons but the most impactful drive is simply coming from this feeling, this belief that I do have more within me to give and I can access it with a little more effort and consciousness on my end.
Stay tuned over the next weeks to see how I am unmasking my potential and perhaps my learnings can help you along your way as well.
Here we go. 
Enough is Enough. I’m Done.

Enough is Enough. I’m Done.

April 7, 2021

That's it.


It's time.




I don't know (or follow) every Coach or Consultant around the world but I can promise you that there aren't many of them doing or saying this.


Tune in as I get real with all of it. 

As Within So Without

As Within So Without

March 31, 2021

It is way too easy to slack on leveraging the power of our thoughts and emotions.

I myself get caught up in beliefs that 1. Aren't even mine and 2. Don't serve me at all.

This week I discuss the power of setting the vision internally and how that becomes your external reality. I also touch of the importance of understanding that we all have the power of defining what everything around us means.

We get to attach meaning to everything that we experience and the moment that we give that power away we become victims to the world around us.

Take control of your emotions and thoughts and watch the world change around you for the better.

Keep Going.

What I Learned From a 100lb Barbell

What I Learned From a 100lb Barbell

March 26, 2021

This week I was humbled, somewhat embarrassed but mostly humbled. 

In this weeks podcast I break down how I ended up walking around looking like I got in a fight with a lion.

Looking back on the incident I can say the following:

1. I am lucky I didn't get more seriously injured.

2. I am glad I pushed myself.

3. I will no doubt do it again but it will be far more strategic and well thought out before I venture out for a walk with a barbell on my back.


Tune in to find out the details, and please, learn from my mistakes (lessons)

How a Cancer Diagnosis Changed Her Life w/ Jaylee Thomas

How a Cancer Diagnosis Changed Her Life w/ Jaylee Thomas

March 17, 2021

This week I was blessed to share the podcast space with Jaylee Thomas a friend that I’ve known for roughly 6 years now. I actually met Jaylee when I was coaching in Vancouver and I was admittedly so intrigued by her. She seemed to always be smiling, dancing and having a good time.

After getting to know Jaylee a bit better I found out that she had not that long ago been diagnosed with cancer and dealt with that battle and was now living life cancer free… no wonder she was dancing.

Now like so many other men and women out there that are dealing with a cancer diagnosis or are on the other side of it and living life to it’s fullest, the cancer story doesn’t define them and the same can be said about Jaylee… Although I am sure, and you’ll find out more with this podcast, the cancer diagnosis had a profound impact on her and how she lives her life today.

On this podcast you’ll hear Jaylee talk about her diagnosis, her relationship with her husband Dallas, her inward work on herself as well as the battle she’s waged on her on body over the years.

Jaylee’s story is inspiring, fun and motivational just like the human being that she is. I know you will all take something from this so I will leave you to it.



March 10, 2021

So you want big things in your life?

You want personal growth?

You are looking for your reality to be different than what it is right now?

Here's all that you need to do.


On this weeks podcast I speak to something that really holds so many of us back when it comes to achieving our dreams or fulfilling our purpose in life. Movement.

So many of us, myself included, get distracted by all of the shiny stuff and we forget that the first step to achieving anything in life worth having takes movement.

When I say "Move" I mean move on the thought you just had, that inspiration that just came over you. Move on that dream that you've had since you were 12 years old. Move on that feeling in your gut that you feel every time you order coffee from that guy, but up until now you've been too nervous/shy/scared to say anything.

Move because you can. Move because you have NOTHING to lose. 

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