The Brad Bodnarchuk Podcast

In Business & In Love w/ Natasha & Ed Tatton of Ed’s Bred

January 27, 2021

I've been incredibly lucky to meet some very special people through my podcast over the years, and this podcast afforded me the exact same thing.

Linking up with Natasha and Ed of Ed's Bred was a blast as I got to better understand how they operate their business, their relationship, and their lives... as well I learned some pretty crucial sourdough tips from Ed who is an incredibly talented Chef in his own right.

Meeting and learning from people such as Natasha and Ed is such a blast and really an honour. I know you all will take a lot from this podcast so be sure to tune in today!!

Oh and how could I forget... the next time you find yourself in Whistler, B.C be sure to Pre-Order your bread and baked-goods HERE and use code "bradbodnarchuk" to get 10% off of your first order... how sweet is that?!

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